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Bag Filters for Water Treatment Water Treatment
Bag Filters for Water Treatment Water Treatment Filtration Products

In a filtration water treatment process, water is passed through filters, which are designed to remove solid particles from the water. It is commonly used to process groundwater, surface water, or pre-treated wastewater to provide potable drinking water and process water for industrial applications. Water filtration is an important stage in the water treatment process which will typically involve multiple stages of pre-treatment such as flocculation, coagulation, and sedimentation. Various forms of filtration might be used.

Water filtration is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids, and gases from water. The goal is to produce water fit for specific purposes. Water filtration products such as sand filters, multimedia filters, cartridge, and bag filters, may reduce the concentration of particulate matter including suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, and fungi as well as reduce the concentration of a range of dissolved and particulate matter.

Bag filters are often the best choice for many industrial applications. A wide range of filtration media are used by bag filters based on the application, such as activated carbon, needle felt, and nylon monofilament mesh.

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Simply by trapping waste solids inside the bag, bag filters and are considered to be a relatively low-cost form of industrial filtration but bag filters have a smaller surface area than most cartridge filters therefore the filtration capacity is slightly lower than that of a cartridge. Bag Filtration is a more common choice of water filtration component due to its lower operational cost since bag filters are reusable for a certain number of times. Once the bags are completely choked up. You can remove and clean the bags for reuse, thus until the period when the bag has reached its reusability, you don’t need to continuously procure the filter unlike for cartridge filtration in which constant changing of the cartridge is needed since it is not reusable. The low overall operating cost makes bag filters an excellent choice for small batch operations where the cost of a self-cleaning system would not be justified.

Along with this, small operations will not have a high bag replacement frequency leading to lower disposal costs. Bag filtration systems tend to produce less solid waste than cartridge filters, making them an excellent choice for applications where the user wants to minimize their volume of waste.

For the water treatment filtration part, a great variety of filtration materials can be offered by Dutco Tennant. A good water filtration system using the appropriate filtration materials and design will help keep your product water at its desired level. These water treatment filtration solutions and products are used for treating water with different applications.

Water filtration systems are mostly tertiary treatment processes in wastewater treatment, and as the main treatment in pretreated water from the municipal water supply.

Dutco Tennant has cost-effective water filtration solutions for your respective applications. This can be used for pre-filtration, for domestic water applications, for pool and spas, and for industrial purposes.