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Cargo and Pallet Scanners 1818-200KV Scanners & Detectors

Astrophysics XIS-1818 200kV is a high capacity X-Ray Inspection System with extended tunnel dimensions 180.4 cm x 180.4 cm (71” x 71.1”). The XIS-1818 is designed for large cargo and pallet inspection at airports and seaports, but is ideal for any location where large scale security screening is required.

Featuring a heavy duty roller bed and rugged construction, the XIS-1818 200kV can support 2000 kg (4410 lbs). The XIS-1818 200kV consistently delivers outstanding performance and retains a high throughput value.

Matched with Astrophysics exclusive software and superior technology, the XIS-1818 200kV is the quality system for your large scale screening needs. *Also available with a generator output of 180kV or 320kV.


Tunnel Size (W x H) :

180.4 cm x 180.4 cm/ 71.0” x 71.0”

Dimensions (L x W x H) :

731.2 cm x 289.7 cm x 235.7 cm/ 287.9” x 114.0” x 92.8”

X-ray Generator :