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A Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) utilizes energetic electrons to provide morphologic, compositional and crystallographic information on samples.

At a maximum potential magnification of 1 nanometer, TEMs are the most powerful microscopes. TEMs produce high-resolution, two-dimensional images, allowing for a wide range of educational, science and industry applications.

A Transmission Electron Microscope is ideal for a number of different fields such as life sciences, nanotechnology, medical, biological and material research, forensic analysis, gemology and metallurgy as well as industry and education.

TEMs provide topographical, morphological, compositional and crystalline information.

The images allow researchers to view samples on a molecular level, making it possible to analyze structure and texture.

This information is useful in the study of crystals and metals, but also has industrial applications.

TEMs can be used in semiconductor analysis and production and the manufacturing of computer and silicon chips.

Technology companies use TEMs to identify flaws, fractures and damages to micro-sized objects; this data can help fix problems and/or help to make a more durable, efficient product.

Colleges and universities can utilize TEMs for research and studies.

Although electron microscopes require specialized training, students can assist professors and learn TEM techniques.

Students will have the opportunity to observe a nano-sized world in incredible depth and detail.