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Dutco Tennant LLC supplies industrial microwave systems and units to a wide range of industries. We provide commercial microwave systems with multiple factors in mind — whether you are looking for microwave solutions with a new application or for using in an old process, we offer products and services targeted to your needs. We offer complete systems and spare parts for upgrading and doing consultative services, we take pride in being the very best in the business.

You might have varying requirements, - so whether you are interested in Tempering, Drying, Cooking or Boost Heating — we have a microwave system chosen specifically for your application. Every system we built may be customized as per specific needs to suit the customer facility and requirements. We happily provide customers with the applications of their choice to fit standard and non-standard requests and take the opportunity to work with new vendors to provide the latest solutions to customers.

Our high power equipment gives you the unique capabilities in industrial microwave solutions. We have deep expertise in providing high power passive microwave devices. Our industrial microwave solutions may be used to reduce moisture loss and save money. East to install, these products are just fine for the food industry.

Our industrial microwave ovens are widely popular among food processors for the efficiency and control they bring to the process. Whether the installation requires a throughput of 17,000 pounds per hour or the flexibility of a small batch process, we have a standard design to meet your need. We can help to reduce total production costs by reducing on-hand inventory requirements and increasing final yields, by providing a uniform, efficient and reliable microwave energy.

We are expert at providing moisture analysis industrial solutions and offer a wide range of reliable and easy to use moisture analyzers which may be used for meeting the requirements of quality control, production, and in-process control of many industries, like pharmaceuticals, food industry, and others.

Our Microwave Solutions are Characterized by:

  • These instruments provide reliable results thanks to accurate temperature control and exceptional weighing technology.
  • Machines may be intuitively operated with step-by-step user guidance.
  • Systems work nicely without errors in routine operation.
  • Gives you consistent performance for many years as it has robust construction, ability to do performance tests, and a complete service offering.
  • Optimize your moisture analysis with the help of our advanced solutions. Try our tested moisture control methods, knowledge wealth, and widespread support.
Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer