• Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E.

Dubai based Dutco Tennant LLC is the world’s leading provider of Airport Surface Friction Test Equipment which is used to provide information on Airport Surface Friction condition. We provide IT solutions for surveying road surface conditions. Our products include computerized technology for observing various factors like friction and others.

ASFT is a vehicle combined with an installed system designed for measuring the friction on airport runways, taxiways and highways. The system operates via a measuring wheel, mechanically geared to one of the rear main wheels of the base car. Friction against the runway surface, in combination with the vertical load on the measuring wheel, creates forces on the measuring wheel mechanism that are constantly measured by the electronic sensor system. Signals from the sensor system are then processed in the ASFTs measuring computer system. By processing these signals, the computer continuously calculates the friction coefficient, the friction number and the relation between the horizontal and vertical forces acting on the measuring wheel.

The equipment has been specially designed for mobile use. The vehicle-mounted sensors offer a mobile information centre, providing complete coverage of the entire infrastructure to measure factors such as friction and other parameters.

Our company supplies Runway Surface Friction Testing Equipment for airports. We have a team of people who specialize in the field of friction testing since many decades, and our experience has led us to design and supply the most modern and advanced friction testers in the Middle East and GCC market. The company provides analytical solutions equipment which helps the customer in long-lasting and safe operation. We provide the best solutions to customers/users through consultants and contractors.

Benefits of Airport Surface Friction Test Equipment:

  • Uses proven and reliable techniques for measuring surface friction.
  • You can trace measurement results.
  • Mobile operated equipment.
  • Real-time viewing of information on a digital map of the airport.
  • Pre-installed Microsoft Windows operating system with a touch-screen system.
  • Open interface to assist integration for sub-systems (plug and play).

The devices designed for both functional (repairs) and operational testing to find out surface friction including alterations due to weather and rubber contaminants. If required, operational friction testing can be done in such adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, ice, sludge or snow.

Surface friction test experts rely on our solutions for doing friction testing and help you understand and understand the results. With our solutions, your team of engineers can do routine surface friction testing system, assess pavement surface macrotexture and microtexture, find out the root cause of low pavement friction situation, and take corrective actions.