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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Anchor Bolts. In the past four decades, we have earned a good name for supplying quality products, and have established a distinguished customer network which has resulted in big expansion for both product range and the supply capabilities. We bring to you, our vast products range, which will help you in choosing the right Anchor Bolt for your applications. We pledge to provide the best products for our valued customers and look forward positively towards establishing new bonds of good business relationships. Anchor bolts are used objects to concrete, brick or stucco. There are various kinds of bolts each made for a specific application. Some of them are used while the concrete is still wet whereas the others are used after the concrete has set. The size of the bolt will determine if it will hold objects adequately in place. The anchor bolts will keep the column in position and stabilize it so as to prevent uplifts generated by wind or earthquake.

Different Types of Anchor Bolts:

Quality Anchor Bolts are our prime specialty. Our product range includes Wedge anchor bolt, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, ASTM Studs, Clamps, Stainless steel, Foundation Bolts, Threaded Rods, Concrete Steel Anchors, Bent, Concrete, and Steel anchor bolts, and many other ground anchors designed as per strict international standards such as DIN, ANSI, IS, ASTM BS, ISO, and others. Our products have wide and varied applications.

Quality and precision are our forte and we ensure that they are included in every step of our vendor’s manufacturing process. Our manufacturers do different tests at various stages like raw material assessment, work in progress estimate, and completed product quality tests. After the products have effectively passed quality tests, then only we supply the roads & utilities products for sales and distribution. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading Anchor Bolt supplier in the Middle East and GCC area. We have been maintaining a respectable presence in the market place for the last four decades. We believe that customers are the top most priority and they may have unique and diverse needs. We always try to bring out the best solutions for our clients as we feel the demands are ever-evolving. We are always growing and collaborating with the leading manufacturers of the world to bring forward the most advanced and innovative solutions. With our commitment to quality and unputdownable service, we have earned a place in the hearts of thousands of people.

Steel Foundation Street Light Bolts

Steel Foundation Street Light Bolts