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Quality manhole covers are detachable plates which are used as a cap to cover manholes. Manhole covers are used as safety measures to stop anyone or anything from falling in the road manholes and stop unauthorized persons and materials entering the manhole. We work with major Manhole cover manufacturers in the world to provide sturdy manhole covers that are used in heavy traffic road, airports, crowded pedestrian areas, and other residential and industrial areas.

Dutco Tennant LLC specializes in providing a complete range of manhole covers and frames which are designed optimally to be strong, light and safe for usage. Since the manholes are made with a complete understanding of the end-use, we assure these are easy to install, more accessible, higher strength, higher durability, easy handling and are cost-effective which are fulfilled by the needs of the market's competitive prices.

Manhole covers & Frame can be divided into the following classes:
  • A15 (Capable of withstanding a 1.5 ton test load):- Pedestrians and Pedal Cyclist.
  • B125 (Capable of withstanding a 12.5 ton test load):- Car parks and pedestrian areas manhole covers where only occasional vehicular access is likely.
  • C250 (Capable of withstanding a 25 ton test load):- Car parks, forecourts, areas with slow moving traffic.
  • D400 (Capable of withstanding a 40 ton test load):- Car and Lorries have access, including carriageways, hard shoulders and pedestrian areas.
  • E600 (Capable of withstanding a 60 ton test load):- Loading areas, Docks etc.
  • F900 (Capable of withstanding a 90 ton test load):- Aircraft pavements.

FRP is considered to be the best alternate material for manhole covers as it has longer life span and has the capability to withstand heavy loads. We offer a variety of F.R.P. Manhole Covers & Frames such as Circular Manhole Cover, Square Manhole Cover & Rectangular Manhole Cover. Our F.R.P. Manhole Cover & Frame are available in Medium Duty (Class B125 & C250) and Heavy Duty (Class D400) Classifications.

F.R.P. Manhole Covers

F.R.P. Manhole Covers