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Cable joints and termination offers the needed electrical connection along with mechanical support. They give physical protection to the cable.

Cable joints are effectively used for establishing a connection to low, medium and high voltage cables. The kind of cable joint shapes, sizes and configurations usually vary in accordance with the structure, voltage, insulation along with the cores of a cable that is to be joined. Cable joints give electrical insulation and mechanical strength. The electrical connection can be made in several ways by the usage of soldering or mechanical connectors etc. Types of cable joints are of four types and they differ in their mechanical arrangement & the place where they are used:

  • Straight through joints
  • Y and T type branch joint
  • Pot End Joints

The cable termination is an electrical connection of the cable end that can connect to another cable. It may also connect to the end of electrical equipment. The cable terminations are usually designed for enabling the electrical and physical interconnection of two endings of cable or cable ends and the terminal of electrical equipment.

There are various kinds of joints and terminations that are available on their functions, construction materials and type of cable. The design of the joints & termination is influenced by the current and voltage that a cable will carry along with the operational environment.

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Cable Joints and Termination upto 33 kV (MV)

Cable Joints and Termination upto 33 kV (MV)