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The static contact resistance measurements are very important for checking functionality as well as the health of the "Main" contacts of your circuit breakers. Suppose the contacts are in bad condition then there are chances of arcing & single phasing. Due to the absorption of moisture and oxide depositions, sometimes contact resistance elevates. It can lead to I2R loss in the contacts because of hot-spotting. The contact resistance meter has been using Kelvin’s 4-wire method for accurately measuring static resistance of CB main contacts. Contact resistance meter measures micro-ohm values directly at 200A DC under live switchyard conditions very accurately.

Contact resistance meter is equally apt for Medium Voltage / High Voltage / Extra High Voltage equipment. It is very useful, especially to equipment manufacturers, power companies, testing &commissioning companies along with test laboratories.

A contact resistance meter is an ohm meter that operates digitally. The contact resistance meter measures very less resistances in micro ohm. Contact resistance meters are portable and compact. This permits users to take it for on-site field testing. Contact resistance meter also measures the contact resistances of high voltage circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, medium voltage circuit breakers and several other components that are used in power distribution and transmission.

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Contact Resistance Meter

Contact Resistance Meter