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We all know it is quite hard to manage and maintain a fleet of transformers, estimate the reliability of transformers, failure probabilities and then decide activities. The advanced analytics for transformers analyse transformers. Transformer advanced analytics improves energy efficiency and optimizes your electrical assets. Transformer advanced analytics helps in the prevention of faults in the assets too.

The software of advanced analytics is flexible and simple that shows every bit of information without any clutter. The user dashboard of the advanced analytics platform gives all real-time insights into the condition of electrical assets and energy. From asset managers to administrators can easily understand dependency, trends of asset performance, prioritisation etc.

Benefits of a transformer advanced analytics are:

  • Fault Predictions - It detects as well as predict time, location and causes of outages
  • Asset Health Predictions - The advanced analytics detect and also predicts those transformers that require repairs
  • Less carbon integration - Enhances "Less" carbon assets to boost network headroom
  • Prediction of Voltage - Advanced analytics helps in informing users of future voltage violations
  • Offers alternatives of load transfer - Recommends actions for shifting energy to avoid imbalance and overloading
  • Benchmarking Analysis - Helps in locating the least performing electrical assets (Transformer)

A transfer of advanced analytics facilitates the life cycle management of your assets. Transformer advanced analytics creates value out of the data by using a hypothesis-driven approach. With the data, users can efficiently mage all possible risks of assets.

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Transformer Advanced Analytics upto 33 kV (MV)

Transformer Advanced Analytics upto 33 kV (MV)