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Transformer is an electrical equipment that is intended for altering current from one voltage to another and is designed to step down or step up voltages. It works on a magnetic induction principle. The transformer oil management system helps in cooling your transformer.

The transformer oil testing may contain the measuring of voltage breakdown & few other chemical and physical properties of various samples of oil either by using portable test toll onsite or in a lab.

Many factors such as chemical adulteration electrical stress results in the failure of a transformer and reduces the work life of a transformer. The transformer oil is used to both insulate internal components and in cooling the transformers. It washes each internal component and the oil consists of a huge amount of diagnostic information. An analysis of a transformer oil can provide an advance warning of some emerging conditions likeageing and contamination. Some complications with a transformer can be created by several factors : corrosion because of leakage of water, chemical decomposition, oxidation issues and many more.

A transformer oil management system laden with advanced sensor systems can offer users with realtime: a) Tan delta measurement b) Pre-fault condition warning of transformer c) Acidity d)Moisture content e) Breakdown voltage.

Purpose of a transformer oil management system are:

  • It delivers dielectric strength of an insulation system
  • It provides an efficient cooling
  • The management system safeguards core of the transformer along with coil apparatus from attack of chemical
  • It prevents accumulation of sludge
Transformer DBDS Removal System

Transformer DBDS Removal System