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Contact resistance is a resistance to the current flow because of surface conditions and a few other causes when the contacts get touched with one another (in a closed situation of a device). It can happen in between the contacts of:

  1. Contractors
  2. Breakers
  3. Switches
  4. Relays

Many other switching devices. The measurement of contact resistance helps to identify fretting corrosion of the contacts and permits the corrosion to be well identified and avoided. An increase in the contact resistance may cause a high-voltage drop in your electrical system that requires it to be controlled. It is a piece of must-have equipment for testing engineers. Contacts in a circuit breaker require to be checked intermittently for ensuring breakers are healthy and functional.

Features of contact resistance meters:

  • It is super light in weight and can be carried anywhere
  • Contact resistance meter measures the micro-ohm values under live extra-high voltage switch yard conditions
  • CRM meters measures values quickly with accuracy
  • Contact resistance meter is designed for measuring micro-ohm contact resistances of CB, isolators, earth switch joints, busbar joints, welded joints etc

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Contact Resistance Meter

Contact Resistance Meter