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OPGW is mainly used by the electric utility sector. It is placed in the topmost position of a transmission line.

An optical wire (which is also called OPGW) is an optical fibre cable that is majorly used in the overhead power lines. These cables combine all the functions of communications along with grounding. An optical ground wire (OPGW) cable consists of a tubular structure with at least one or more optical fibers. It is surrounded by several layers of aluminum and steel wire. An OPGW cable runs in between high voltage electricity pylons. The conductive part of an OPGW cable helps in serving to bond adjacent towers and protects the high-voltage conductors from dangerous lighting strikes.

An OPGW cable contains single-mode optical fibers along with less transmission loss. It allows efficient long distance transmission especially at high speeds. The outer appearance of optical ground wire (OPGW) is quite similar to an aluminium-conductor steel-reinforced cable (ACSR) that is used for shielding the wires.

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Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)