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Around the globe, utilities are facing challenges due to the rising demands of energy, non-existent infrastructure, complicated financing and harsh environment. The demand for electrical energy is expected to rise by around 37% globally. So, for supporting the change, substations need to have the correct transfer capacity along with robustness for enabling fine power flow where and when it is required. Substation fittings like connectors can be installed in your substation that can help to increase its performance. More than that, the correct connector can help in the reduction of installation cost and time. Even power outages can be reduced.

A substation is a major part of an electrical transmission, generation and distribution system. Substations can transform voltage from low to high or in reverse form and perform other various important functions. Substation insulators and connectors are essential components that are needed for the proper working of a substation at all voltage levels.

Some of the important substation fittings are:

  • Basic connector
  • Busbar couplers
  • Insulator string
  • Copper clamps

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Substation Fittings

Substation Fittings