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The Transmission Line Conductor provides twice the capability of the old steel-reinforced or all-aluminium conductors with very lower thermal sag. ACCC transmission line conductor runs efficiently and cooler than other conductor types of the same weight and diameter. With the usage of transmission line conductors, line losses can be decreased under any kind of operating conditions by emptying the generation capacity of electrical assets to fulfill the growing demands while lessening emissions.

ACC transmission line conductors have high-capacity, low-sag, high-efficiency and are tested. The transmission line conductor has enhanced the performance over other conductors present in the market. The ACC transmission line conductors are extremely reliable providing power to several residential, commercial and industrial consumers all over the world.

The hybrid carbon fiber core of the transmission line conductors are one of the major benefits that users may look up to. The less weight of its composite core and lesser coefficient of thermal expansion gives ACCC transmission line conductor the power to carry twice the current of traditional conductors while showing around 25 - 40 percent of lesser line losses under several operating conditions. Lesser line losses can reduce fuel consumption and emissions, it also empties generation capacity which can be otherwise totally wasted.

Features of ACCC transmission line conductor:

  • These have high-strength with high modulus unidirectional fibers that provide excess strength.
  • Outer glass fiber enhances flexibility & toughness
  • ACCC transmission line conductor are lighter in weight

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ACCC Conductor

ACCC Conductor