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The Sprinkler Flexible Hose & Fittings offered by us is used for the purpose of extinguishing the fire of different classes. The unique sprinkling action of these hose pipes ensures that large areas affected by the fire are covered at a time.

Automatic fire sprinklers are individually heat-activated and attached to a network of piping with water under pressure. When the heat of a fire raises the sprinkler temperature to its operating temperature (usually 186°F - 86°C), a solder link will melt or a liquid-filled glass bulb will shatter to open that sprinkler, releasing water and sounding an alarm. By acting automatically at the origin of a fire, sprinklers prevent a fire from going to a dangerous size.

The stainless steel hose and the mounting bracket are particularly suited for use in suspended ceiling applications making installation quick and easy saving time and labor. The hose and mounting bracket can also be attached to studs and installed in gypsum board ceiling systems.

Each drop assembly comes with one stainless steel flexible hose(braided or unbraided), one branch line connection nipple, one sprinkler reducing nipple and the mounting bracket system. The hose is offered in lengths from 28”-71” with reducing fittings for ½” or ¾” sprinkler heads. The non-braided models are UL Listed. The braided models are FM approved and UL Listed.

The mounting bracket comes fully assembled out of the box for quick and easy installation. The mounting bracket has an open hub making it easy to insert the reducing fitting into the mounting bracket. The mounting brackets are available in both 24″ and 48″ lengths with no tools required for installation. The mounting bracket allows the sprinkler head to be located anywhere within the ceiling with reference marks in the center for ease of installation without the need for measuring. The system is fully compatible with all sprinkler types including pendant, semi-recessed and concealed sprinkler heads.

Our offered products offer a cost-effective solution for the installation of fire sprinkler systems which result in a quick and easy way to connect the sprinkler heads to the branch lines.
Each drop assembly comes with one stainless steel flexible hose, one branch line connection nipple, one sprinkler reducing nipple and bracket system.

Features –

  • Fully assembled for ease of installation
  • One-piece brackets available in 24″ and 48″ width
  • No tools required for bracket installation
  • Compatible with pendant, semi-recessed and concealed sprinkler heads
  • Hose lengths from 28″ to 71″ long
  • Outlet sizes are available in 1/2″ and 3/4″
  • Unbraided and braided hose assemblies
Sprinkler Flexible Hose & Fittings

Sprinkler Flexible Hose & Fittings