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Noise Logger Leak Detection

Noise loggers have a Bi-Directional wireless transmission to communicate and locate the leak. In-built Li-ion battery with five years of life time is used. Easy switch off / switch on by simply turning the logger upside down. Up to 50 loggers can be connected to single GSM box. Noise loggers have an inbuilt audio logger with real time measurement. It can be fixed in a metal by usingavailable extra strong magnet to hold it from falling down. Wireless radio communication can be extended by using repeaters.Automatic data transmission to control center is possible for easy monitoring. Optional GPS synchronized GSM transmitter is available to pinpoint the location of leak. A large amount of Noise loggers can be used to form a Network which provides you with the latest measured data on a day-to-day basis.Automatic leak detection is possible by correlating the noise loggers.