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Dutco Tennant LLC is leading, wide-range Irrigation accessories which are highly useful in doing beautiful Landscape construction. We have different products that are usually required in great landscape construction. Our supply includes everything from Edgings to Bubbler, and we supply different products which are required Landscape & Irrigation. All essential parts of a big Landscape & Irrigation projects are available with us.

We supply Agriculture & Horticulture accessories such as Edgings, Drip Stake, and Bubbler Stake. We provide Landscaping Edgings which are mainly used in agriculture and horticulture applications. We have Edgings which provide greater flexibility as per your requirement. It supports continuous runs but needs little labor when compared to other products in this segment. They are useful in wide agriculture application which includes, but is not limited to tree rings, paver walkways, and others.

Drip Stakes: A trustworthy option.

Drip takes are an important agriculture & horticulture accessory. The Drip Stakes in our supply can resist clogging and ensures a smooth flow path. They have durable ribbed stake which lets you position the dripper exactly. The Drippers may be used with 6 mm outer diameter extension tube or/and Vinyl tube. They come in separate colors which represent different flows and permit easy identification. We can provide customized solutions which include Drippers attached with the needed extension tube.

Agriculture & Horticulture Bubblers especially for you!

For agriculture and horticulture, we have another great product called Bubbler. They may be used in high volume Agriculture Irrigation, and you can use them as adjustable flow type and pressure compensating bubblers. Our Bubblers have been made using varying matters including engineering plastic. The Bubblers have a special filter to stop blockage by soil, sand, silt particles, and other substances. Contact us for good-quality Agriculture & Horticulture accessories in the Middle East and GCC.

In the Middle East and GCC region, a well-recognized name as a supplier for various kinds of industrial and engineering solutions is Dutco Tennant LLC. For the last four decades, we have been earning recognition and have been working with a list of high-profile clients comprising of both private and public sectors. We have been actively contributing behind the infrastructural growth of various cities and our completed and ongoing projects include schools, colleges, hospitals, museums, shopping malls, offices, airports, networking infrastructure, industrial plants, etc. We have always given the foremost priority to our customers and always try to meet all their demands in the field of industrial and engineering projects. We believe that each customer is unique and can have unique requirements for their projects. To try to meet all their demands, we are constantly growing and collaborating with various contractors and manufacturers over the world.

Edgings For Agriculture and Horticulture

Edgings For Agriculture and Horticulture

Drip Stake  For Agriculture and Horticulture

Drip Stake For Agriculture and Horticulture

Bubbler Stake For Agriculture and Horticulture

Bubbler Stake For Agriculture and Horticulture