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A key element in a landscaping & irrigation system is air relief. Clogged emitters can lead to insufficient coverage in irrigation which can lead to dead plants and dry turf. Installing automatic air relief valves on the end of lateral lines and emitter lines will definitely enhance the efficiency of your system.

How to solve the problem of trapped air in the irrigation lines? The first and foremost is installing air relief or release valves at given points in your system. These valves can be automatic relief valves or even hydrants or manually operated valves. Next thing to do, is minimizing the high points or peaks in your water network as much as possible.
If you are experiencing air build-up in your irrigation system, you will need to regularly and efficiently discharge it in order for your system to work effectively. An automatic air valve is designed to release small amounts of air from a pressurized line. As air accumulated in the upper part of the air valve chamber, it causes the float to gravitate downwards. This, in turn, causes the automatic orifice to open, releasing the accumulated air. Once the air is discharged, the water level and float rise, causing the automatic orifice to close. The valve helps maintain proper water pressure and consistent flow; releases air bubbles and prevents air locking of the system; and ensures that the system’s hydrometers are measuring water, not air volume, so that the correct amount of water reaches the crops.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides TSE Irrigation network Air release Valves which are compact in nature, have innovative design, and have been manufactured from high performance rigid uPVC compound. These valves have innovative float designed to release the air at the start and at the end of the system. They have a large orifice opening which facilitates easy air exclusion and vacuum breaking. They are equipped with a special rubber seal to stop leakage. Our Air Release valves are highly useful in micro/drip irrigation systems, and they act as a safety valve to pass entrapped air, and to break the vacuum in the Irrigation pipe network.

These Irrigation network Air Release Valves are purchased because of the following reasons:

  • Available in various models like dual-acting, continuous and combination types.
  • They are durable, weather-resistant and made with non-corrosive matter.
  • They have removable top for seal maintenance.
  • Used to protect the irrigation system and components.
  • You can easily locate it in Irrigation network as they are brightly colored.
  • We have slam resistant models.
  • We have models that seal in as low as 1 PSI.
  • You can take optional Valves to check network pressure.
  • These valves have inlet available in NPT or BSP.
IN Double Orifice Air Valve

IN Double Orifice Air Valve