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A Flange Adaptor is used to join pipes made of different matters like steel, ductile iron, UPVC, grey iron, asbestos cement and other matters using a flanged connection. Flange Adaptors make the installation of pumps and valves quicker and easier. BY simply bolting the flange adaptor on to the existing flange and fastening the coupling over the join between the flange adaptor and the plain end pipe does the job. This creates a useful maintenance joint in the future. Flange adapter is used in flanged pipelines such as water supply, industrial water, and sewage. It facilitates assembly and disassembly of pipeline equipment including valves, pumps, and flow meters. Also, with its flexibility, it absorbs slight expansion and contraction, angular displacement, thermal stress, and vibration.

Dutco Tennant LLC Flange adaptors have a wide range of tolerance on OD (up to 23 mm) and hence they can accommodate pipes of various outer diameters. Our Flange adaptors may be used to connect Irrigation network pipes made of different materials. Flange adaptors join the flanged part of a pipe to the spigot end of a pipe or tube.

Our Flange adaptors come in anchoring or non-anchoring versions, and the self-anchoring (locking) products do not require concrete anchor blocks. Dutco Tennant LLC provides a wide range tensile couplings, flange adaptors and end caps specially made for PE and uPVC pipes. Our Adaptors are highly flexible and they are very easy to mount as they have combined compression gasket which allows ±3.5° angular deflection and makes it easy to fit the pipe ends even in the big dimensions. The external anti-friction coated stainless steel and high-quality coatings provide durable corrosion protection.

What are the primary qualities of our Irrigation Network Flange Adaptors?

  • They have a very broad tolerance for use with various materials.
  • Our Irrigation Network Flange Adaptors may be fitted to grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, and fiber cement pipes and steel or PVC tubes.
  • Flange adaptors available for pipe with exterior diameters between DE 49 and 348 mm, and a PFA of 16 bars.
  • You get substantial angular deflection of nearly 6°.
  • You have a multi-pitch circle flange PN 10 and 16.
  • Our Flange connections are as per EN, ANSI, BS or SABS.
  • You get wide range tolerance on OD (up to 23mm).
  • Connect Steel, Ductile iron, UPVC, Cast iron, Asbestos, Cement and other rigid pipe matters.
  • They have been designed to join pipes of various diameters to flange equipment.
IN Flange Adaptors

IN Flange Adaptors