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Water meters play an integral role in any irrigation network. With so many different options available – as well as the diversity of the irrigation market. Choosing the ideal metering solutions for your specific requirements can be difficult.In order to effectively manage water use, it is necessary to measure it. Contractors realize this and are increasingly calling for flow measurement on irrigation systems. Local regulations, water district policies, and Green Building Code LEED, Sustainable SITES Initiative and the EPA’s WaterSense program call for water flow measurement because of increasing water costs.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides Water Meters which have been specifically designed for Irrigation Network systems to give the most accurate and reliable water flow readings. We have a full range of products of multiple sizes to satisfy most requirements. They have a simple design which provides an open water passage causing very low head loss.

Our supplied water meters, address this industry need for flow measurement while overcoming two common objections:

  • Irrigation flow sensors/meters on the market today are relatively expensive.
  • The inability of current flow meters/sensors to measure low flow with high accuracy.

Even waters which have a high impurity content is measured with high accuracy. Our products are available with or without straightening vane, and they give full range installation options – like vertical, horizontal or slant positions. Our water flow measurement technologies have been developed primarily for Irrigation use, including wide range solutions for measuring water flow accurately. Water supplies are scarce in many areas across the world, causing competing demands for this valuable resource.

Agriculture and Landscaping maintenance professionals and facility managers are ensuring that most efficient and sustainable Irrigation Network solutions are in place. We at Dutco Tennant LLC understand that good water management is not probable without accurate measuring, and hence we offer the latest & most-advanced water flow measurement products you can find around. Agriculture and Landscape irrigators work in difficult environments having harsh climates where water flow measurement mean the difference between profit or loss.

If you want to choose the right irrigation flow meter, it doesn’t need to be complicated. With many-decades experience in agriculture irrigation, Dutco Tennant LLC provides reliable and low-maintenance Water meters which can meet this industry's demanding requirements. We provide Landscape & Irrigation Network Water meters which offer unbeatable value in installation cost & ownership and set the standard for usability, reliability, and economy. Our leading Water meters offer versatile water flow measurement, and they have been trusted by Irrigators for many decades. We are a leading Irrigation Network Water Meter solution provider in the Middle East and GCC.

IN Water Meter

IN Water Meter