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Dutco Tennant LLC provides Stainless Steel Stoplogs (Penstocks) which have been specially made for work in Irrigation Pumping Station Penstock/Stoplogs.

Penstocks and stop logs are low-pressure intake devices for channels, tanks, and basins, and are usually wall-mounted. The normal position is the open one, they close when maintenance is required. To allow an easy handling, stop logs are usually composed of several units that must be lifted by a lifting beam and positioned one on top of the other to reach a level higher than the required water level.
Suitable for Irrigation Pumping Station our Penstocks/Stoplogs have been made with the finest matters such as duplex steel. We have Penstocks/Stop Logs of multiple types: They can be Channel or wall-mounted, they may have bidirectional sealing, they may have big size, and you can get bigger size Penstocks/Stop Logs as well.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides Lifting devices as well – you can purchase lifting poles or lifting beams available in multiple sizes. Penstock and Stop Logs are built using multiple logs which are placed on top of each other in the frame. By changing the number of logs i.e. by adding extra logs Or removing existing logs, you can control the flow of the channel in an economical way.

We provide solutions for all channel applications: You can easily install these Penstock & Stoplogs in front or inside channels. Additionally, these products have very good corrosion resistance which makes them the first choice for multiple channel applications. Our Irrigation Pumping Station Penstock/Stoplogs have pre-tensioned sealing which is tight even when there is low seating or unseating head positions providing it outstanding sealing qualities.

Key features which make our Irrigation Pumping Station Penstock/Stoplogs:

  • We have Penstock/Stop Logs which are just fit for mounting on the wall, and they have a square or rectangular opening.
  • Our Penstock/Stoplogs come in standard size range, even larger sizes products are available.
  • You can also take Flush Invert along with these Penstock/Stoplogs.
  • These products may be bi-directional and they may be of larger sizes.
  • We have multiple sizes unidirectional and bi-directional Penstocks.
  • These devices have been designed as per international standards.
  • They are leak proof – And they allow lesser leakage.
  • These products have replaceable seals.

Applications –

  • hydraulic power plants (gates)
  • low-pressure intakes in channels, tanks and basins (penstocks and stoplogs).


  • body in structural steel (carbon or stainless steel)
  • leaf (for gates) in structural steel (carbon or stainless steel)
  • sliding guides in stainless steel, bronze or special alloy
  • tightness system : metal on metal or by soft seal (EPDM, NBR, Teflon, etc.).
IPS Penstock / Stoplogs

IPS Penstock / Stoplogs