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Irrigation Pumping Station pipeline accessories – We have them all in our supply which is required in an Irrigation Pumping Station. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading Irrigation solution provider in the Middle East and GCC area. Our solutions are as per present-day requirement, and they are value-added according to your requirement.

We provide international quality products that give clear benefits for Irrigation Pumping Station, and our huge range in Pipeline accessories are a clear benefit for every Irrigation Pumping station environment. Our wide-range underground & above ground Pipeline accessories are reliable and they prove to be a tight and leak-free seal.

Why our products are preferable to others?

  • We have Irrigation Pumping Station accessories which have been made in the magnificent manufacturing and testing facilities in the world.
  • Our Irrigation Pumping Station Pipeline accessories are made with the best quality matters – by remarkable, improved processes to ensure that national and international compliances are upheld.
  • Designed and manufactured by the world-famous Valve and Pipeline accessories makers, our Pipeline accessories are preferable for different applications in Irrigation and Landscaping.

What are our special offerings?

We provide Spacers and Skids that are used in casing pipes for use in difficult terrain. Our pipes and fittings are easy to install, they are corrosion-proof, and they are insulated against electrical shorting. They have been designed through patented designing processes, and hence they may be easily assembled – time and money should not be a matter of concern with our products. Pipeline accessories may be linked and tightened using different fasteners. In Skids you do not have to put sand in the casing – as it takes a lot of labor. Latest products which have been designed to satisfy the requirements of today’s Landscape & Irrigation. Stay with us, stay with time!

Our mission is to improve the world of fluid dynamics with innovative and precise measurement solutions. Leading-edge products, superior designs, a commitment to integrity and credibility, fast delivery and customer service excellence you just can’t find anywhere else.

Dutco Tennant LLC gives more pipeline and measurement support than any other engineering company in the field. We help fix problems, solve measurement issues and we provide innovative solutions your company needs.

For almost four decades we have worked with a list of high profile clients and have been working with them behind the infrastructural development of various schools, colleges, museums, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, etc. Our wide range of product offerings range from several verticals like construction to electrical and electronics. With our punctuality towards timing and uncompromised quality, we have earned recognition in the marketplace.

IPS Bolts, Nuts and Gaskets

IPS Bolts, Nuts and Gaskets

IPS Spacers / Skids

IPS Spacers / Skids