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Want wonderful Irrigation Pumping Station Sensors for Irrigation and Landscaping? – We provide sensors which can provide quantitative information to help you automate and improve the decision-making process for Irrigation & Landscaping.

We provide the most common and most suitable sensors that can be used for Irrigation purpose. Our sensors supply includes devices that are commonly used for monitoring the water status of the soil or substrate and sensors that can be used to monitor and troubleshoot Irrigation systems. With our sensors, collecting data is relatively easy, and these sensors may be used correctly to get the best results.

For Landscaping & Irrigation, you need to select the best sensors to optimize the value of the collected data for a particular purpose. Additionally, you will have to determine the optimal number of sensors to be used, and then our products ensure that collected data is as accurate and precise as possible. Based on our experience, we can provide you sensors that can result in large increases in irrigation efficiency and improve the profitability of production in Irrigation, Greenhouses, and Nurseries.

The use of sensors can provide quantitative information to help guide and automate the decision-making process for irrigation. There are various ways in which sensor data can be used to help make irrigation decisions. The easiest method is to turn irrigation on and off based on whether a particular sensor reading is below or above the user-defined threshold. As an example, irrigation can be turned on and off based on the amount of water present in the soil/substrate or based on a measure that is an indicator of plant drought stress.

Sensors are a prerequisite on any well-designed Irrigation system to stop over-watering. Our soil moisture sensor stops irrigation when soil moisture levels are sufficient enough. Eliminate wasteful watering, and our sensors detect, monitor, and report critical flow zone data to save water and protect the landscape. Irrigation control in production is commonly achieved with sensors, and such methods are likely to provide water when needed and in the amount required by the crop. Take our sensors and breathe in relief.

What we have for you?

We have a wide range of Sensors for Irrigation optimization. They are easy to use and connect to the controller. Sensors in our supply are:

  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Rainfall Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor

Welcome to the world of Landscaping & Irrigation sensors – world-class sensors for your benefits.

IPS Irrigation Sensors

IPS Irrigation Sensors