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Inline drip systems are comprised of various small outlets that must be kept free of any blockages. This is done by including two components within the systems one among which is the flushing valve. The flushing valve purges out an amount of water every time the drip system is started up. This ensures that any build-up of gift & debris is removed from the system and is flushed out. The valve should be installed at the lowest point of both the feed and collection manifolds. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies automatic Flush Valves optimize drip irrigation system performance by reducing maintenance costs and increasing Dripline performance. They offer significant benefits thanks to their advanced features. They help in reducing sediment build-up, and they can eliminate clogging as well. They promote for long-term performance of the drip irrigation system.

They support automatic cleaning operations and eliminate the need for periodic manual flushing. They have a unique design that reacts to flow and not pressure. Our landscaping Flush Valves allow operation even when there is full line pressure. You can disassemble them for winterization “Blowout”, and they protect your drip system. Typical applications of our landscaping Flush Valves are in Drip irrigation and they are just fit for multiple irrigation water. The flushing valve must be installed at the lowest points within the drip system and ideally in a valve box or an easily accessible location.

Typical applications of our Landscaping Flush valves are:

  • Fit for surface and subsurface drip irrigation.
  • Automatically flushes the drip lateral at the start of every irrigation.
  • Greatly effective in water quality conditions that have to be frequently flushed.
  • Takes less manual labor.
  • They are robust, having a simple structure, and they don’t have any metal parts.
  • Made with good-quality, chemical resistant matters.
  • They have big water passages for maximum consistency.
  • They come with a large variety of end connections to suit multiple drip lines.
  • Many have a red ring for easy identification and inspection.
  • You can easily open and clean them.

Our Flush Valves have easy ON/OFF threaded facility and they open with ease for flushing dirt from sub-main. They are equipped with a stopper for the cap to stop snap out of cap while flushing, they have special provision made for cap. They are provided with special `O ́ ring for leakproof performance. There is a large opening for dirt removal to take out dirt from the pipeline. We are a leading Landscaping Flush Valves provider in the Middle East and GCC.

Flush Valve

Flush Valve