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What are the uses of Gate valves in the Landscaping water network? They are the most common Valves used in the Landscaping water network. Dutco Tennant LLC is a reliable name in the field of Landscaping Gate valves in the Middle East and GCC area.

Gate valves are linear motion valves which may be used to start or stop the water flow in the Landscaping pipeline. In the water pipeline, these Valves either in the fully opened or fully closed position. The gate valve has a simple “gate” inside the valve body which is raised or lowered into the water flow by turning the handle several times. When it is lowered completely the gate stops the water flow.

When these Valves are in the fully open position, the valve’s disk is completely withdrawn from the flow, giving no resistance to water flow. When you close the Valve, water flow in the pipes drops. Gate valves are not the best option for regulating water flow and for that you need other Valves in our supply.

In high-pressure Landscaping pipelines, the high-velocity water flow in the partly open Valves may lead to corrosion in the Valve’s disc and seating surfaces and may lead to vibrations and noise as well. Our valves are safe from all such effects. We can offer Landscaping Gate valves as per the customer’s unique requirements as well. A wheel is used to operate the Gate valve that moves it up and down. Irrigation systems also require an emergency shut-off valve. This valve requires to be installed as close as possible to the water source which the location where the tap in for irrigation system is done. Without this valve, the user will need to shut off the water to the entire house when they want to work on the mainline or irrigation valves. Gate valves are most commonly used for this purpose because of their inexpensiveness.

We offer two varieties in Gate valves – rising stems or non-rising stems, -- in the rising stem, you can tell visually if the valve is open or closed, while in the non-rising stem it is not visible. In our Valves, the valve stem is corrosion-free. These valves open and close slowly, and hence there is no water hammer effect. We provide good-quality Landscaping Gate valves from the world’s leading manufacturers, and they are preferable for our Middle East and GCC clients. Call us today for good-quality and reliable Landscaping Gate Valves. Made with the world's best-quality matters, they are just fit for our clients.

Gate Valve For Landscaping

Gate Valve For Landscaping