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Couplings play a very important place in designing Landscape and Irrigation pipe networks. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies Couplings from VAG. Our Couplings have been designed to join pipes made of steel, ductile iron, UPVC, grey iron, asbestos cement, and other matters. The coupling has good tolerance on OD (up to 23 mm), and hence it can connect pipes of various outer diameters.

We provide round couplings which are made of high-quality steel for high resistance and long-running due to hot-galvanization. They can resist abrasion. Our irrigation couplings do not require any particular tool for their opening or their closing. These couplings open and close easily and quickly without any special tool. You can carry out an angle of 30° in all directions, which allows for installing tube even on hard to access terrain.

Finding the right fittings can be difficult, driving from store to store, and searching for it -- but we here at Dutco Tennant LLC have thousands of fittings to choose from, and we even offer some very hard to search styles, making those difficulties a things of the past. Go through our product range and take a look at all that we have to offer, and if you can't find what you need, please Email us, and our Customer Service Specialists will happily assist you in finding the right product.

Our good quality pipe couplings connect any two pieces of pipe of similar nominal size without disassembly or adapting end rings or gaskets. The coupling's interior and exterior are coated with a good coating. Using our couplings saves time and reduces inventory.

Its important characteristics are: They have been designed to join pipes of various outside diameters with the same or different nominal bore, they have a wide range tolerance on OD (up to 23mm), and they can connect steel, ductile iron, UPVC, cast iron, asbestos cement, and other rigid pipe materials.

The TSE coupling range is specifically suited for close-coupled applications traditionally fitted with gear-type couplings. Torque is transmitted through two sets of membranes in hub assemblies protected by two adaptable guard rings. The hub assemblies are separated by an axially split spacer to facilitate in-field repair in the event of coupling failure. The coupling provides a good level of angular, lateral and axial misalignment while maintaining a high level of balance integrity. Option for spark resistance is available. It comes with a carbon steel coating for corrosion protection.

TSE Coupling

TSE Coupling