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Flanged Adaptors are used in flanged pipelines like water supply, industrial water, and sewage. It facilitates assembly and disassembly of valves, pumps, and flow meters and other pipeline equipment. Also with its flexibility, it absorbs slight expansion and contraction, angular displacement, thermal stress, and vibration. Flange adaptors help to introduce valves and flanged fittings or connect to existing flanged pipework. It acts as a layer that connects between devices having different designs, sizes or materials, and allows them to be fitted or to function together.

What makes Flange Adaptors an important part of the water network for landscaping and irrigation? They are used to join pipes made of different matters like steel, ductile iron, UPVC, grey iron, asbestos cement, and other materials that have a flanged connection. Our flange adaptor has a wide range of tolerance on OD, and therefore they can accommodate pipes of various outer diameters.

Where our TSE Flange Adaptors may be used?

  • A perfect solution for attaching valves to pipes or tubes when doing maintenance work on networks or installing new Valves.
  • You can use it for connecting two pipes or two tubes together.
  • While repairing damage caused to pipes or tubes and thereby reducing water loss.
  • The assembly and dismantling of valves may be made easier.

All our Flange Adaptors have internal and external epoxy coatings. Water networks in irrigation and landscaping are usually composed of various matters. Our Flange Adaptors range may fulfill various connection and repair needs, especially with products made using different matters.

Flange Adaptors have an important place in repair & maintenance, and hence they allow a community to maintain its network. Now you can connect and maintain all types of pipelines that might be present in your irrigation & landscaping network.

Points that distinguish our Flange Adaptors from others:

  • Flange Adaptors designed according to EN, ANSI, BS or SABS standards.
  • Join pipes of various outside diameters with our flange equipment.
  • Get wide range tolerance on OD (till 23mm)
  • Connect pipes made with steel, ductile iron, UPVC, cast iron, asbestos cement, and other pipe matters.

What they are made of?

They have an EPDM seal. The sleeve is made using Ductile Iron and the End ring too is made using Ductile iron. They have threaded anchor bolts which are 4.8 electro galvanized, while Flanges are made using Ductile iron pipes. Dutco Tennant LLC has been able to earn an honorable position in the market of the Middle East and GCC region as a trusted supplier of various kinds of industrial and engineering solutions. We are known among the customers for our uncompromised service and time punctuality and also as a company which always provides the best solution for every demand.

Flange Adaptor

Flange Adaptor