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Dutco Tennant LLC not just supplies various products but we also provide a complete solution for every project. Dutco Tennant LLC is one of the most trusted suppliers for engineering and industrial goods in the Middle East and GCC region. We have gained the trust of thousands of customers around the world who have trusted us because of our punctuality to timing and quality along with smart pricing and we have been in the market for the last four decades.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides a range of repair clamps that are ideally suited for pipe repairs or adding branch connections. These products are highly tolerant and they are suitable for use with various pipe materials. Our repair clamps can be installed under pressure, eliminating the requirements for costly mains shut-downs usually needed for pipe repairs. Our wide Range repair clamps allow permanent pipe repairs for corrosion, cracks and other damages.

The company provides high-pressure leak repair clamps which are ideally made for extremely important applications. Our high-pressure leak repair clamps are the ideal, cost-effective, and safe solution for leaking pipelines. They have already been used throughout the Middle East and GCC with extremely positive results and satisfied customers.

These products have wide tolerances and are highly suitable for use with a wide range of pipe materials. Our range of repair clamps, taps, tees and collars can be installed under pressure, removing the requirements for costly mains shut-downs usually associated with pipe repairs. Our range of repair clamps also allows permanent pipe repairs for corrosion, cracks and impact damage.

The clamps are made with strict adherence to industry specifications and quality control programs. The clamps have been precision machined in the world’s leading production facilities. High-pressure leak repair clamps have helped customers prevent costly downtime and increase their production.

Pipeline repair clamps are made to be installed on damaged or leaking pipework, containing the defect within the clamp body and re-establishing pressure integrity through mechanical seals and/or locks. TSE Repair Clamps have been developed for piping repair in Irrigation and Landscaping purposes. You can install these repair clamps with minimal disruption to the pipework or operation of the water system to which they are fitted.

Here are the features and benefits of our TSE Repair Clamps:

  • We offer solutions for pipe repair at full operational pressures.
  • You also have remote installation options for these TSE Repair clamps.
  • The company provides stainless steel pipe repair & tapping solutions.
  • You can permanently repair various pipes made with different materials.
  • They are single seal with body cavity test capability.
  • Taper locks to stop pipeline separation (Structural Clamp only).
Pipe Repair Clamps

Pipe Repair Clamps