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Eddy current testing is widely used in the aerospace industry and in other manufacturing and service environments that require inspection of thin metal for potential safety-related or quality-related problems. In addition, to crack detection in metal sheets and tubing, eddy current can be used for certain metal thickness measurements such as identifying corrosion under aircraft skin, to measure conductivity and monitor the effect of heat treatment, and to determine the thickness of nonconductive coatings over conductive substrates.

Online Eddy Current Testing Equipment can detect cracks, pin-holes, open welds, voids, inclusions, concentrated porosity, weld defects, slivers, opened up skin laminations, deep pitting and mechanical damage in metal tubes, bars, and wires. You can detect Ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic and austenitic materials in Online, Offline, Inline and Spool-to-spool configurations. You can inspect as per API, ASTM, DIN, BS, ETTC, JIS, IS or other international standards.

Eddy current inspection system can be done with an encircling test coils for full-body inspection or with a segment test head for inspection of the weld zone. You can configure an absolute channel for Online systems for detection of open welds and others. One gets multifrequency and multichannel options for advanced users.

In our quality eddy current testing equipment, there is a two-level password security access control which prevents any­ unauthorized access to the system. The system logs Test data for each tube to a Hard Disk with serial numbers, time-stamps, and test parameters. One can store any number of test parameter sets to the HDD and recall it for later use.

The material testing system can mechanically regulate all major test parameter when a standard tube is passed through the test head just once. The process is especially useful for online configurations where each hole drilled is a tube wastage. One can also set end-suppression and paint marker delays in case of offline/inline configurations. We also provide mechanical handling systems for test automation.

Important Features Of Our Eddy Current Testing Equipment:

  • Equipped with differential as well as absolute channels.
  • Comes with encircling and segment test heads.
  • You get Multi-frequency and multi-channel options.
  • Three Evaluation Modes are available.
  • Three thresholds have been defined for differential channels
  • Equipped with automatic tracking filters for online use.
  • Static and Dynamic end-suppression uses.
  • Online manual and context-sensitive help.
  • Instant Data logging and reporting.

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Non-Destructive Eddy Current Testing

Non-Destructive Eddy Current Testing