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sustainability reporting, IT equipment management, demand response, and/or energy audits. Managing energy can require a system of a systems approach. Energy management software often provides tools for reducing energy costs and consumption for buildings or communities. The software collects energy data and uses it for three main purposes: Reporting, Monitoring, and Engagement. Reporting may include verification of energy data, benchmarking, and setting high-level energy use reduction targets. Monitoring may include trend analysis and tracking energy consumption to identify cost-saving opportunities. Engagement can mean real-time responses (automated or manual), or the initiation of a dialogue between occupants and building managers to promote energy conservation.

Monitoring tools track and display real-time and historical data. Often comes included with various benchmarking tools such as energy consumption per square foot, weather normalization or more advanced analysis using energy modeling algorithms to identify anomalous consumption. Seeing exactly when energy is used, combined with anomaly recognition, can allow Facility or Energy Managers to identify savings opportunities.

With our energy monitoring software, you can save energy, save costs and save time. We provide modular energy management software tailored to your requirements, available installed to the site or hosted. Our configurable dashboards allow users to bring together essential energy information in a simple, clear and dynamic format.

Features –

  • Modular: Select pieces of functionality to fit your organization's individual requirements
  • Scalable: Start with a few data points or thousands, easily grow the system as needed
  • Hardware Agnostic: Import and export data from a wide range of systems and formats
  • Hosted of Installed: 100% web-based, have the software installed to site or hosted by us

Benefits –

  • Save Energy: monitor, manage and reduce your energy consumption
  • Save Cost: reduce consumption and show it in costs
  • Save Time: Improve the efficiency of energy management processes

Modules -

  • Energy Analysis: Our Analysis module provides all the tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage energy use
  • Custom Reports: Generate a range of reports from standard templates; simply select the company, site, and meters you wish to report
  • Alarms: Our Alarms Module enables you to configure alarms to automatically be notified, act and report on anomalies in energy data immediately
  • Mobile Alerts: Get alerts on your mobile
  • Data Exchange: Import data in virtually any format using our vast selection of data drivers