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Traditionally in Pipelines for Offsetting Movements or Vibrations from Equipment Plumbing Expansion Joints are used. Thermal or any other movements in the line. The primary movements can be Angular, Axial or Lateral and Joints can be found in Stainless steel and Rubber depending on the medium. Normal applications will be Residential and Commercial Chilled water pipelines.

For absorbing hydraulic shock, seismic and thermal movement, offering noise and vibration dampening, correct minor misalignments of piping and components and ease installation, plumbing flexible joints are used. They are found in a wide range of materials, sizes and connection ends for various applications. In an annular design, the inner hose lies as an annular hose is highly suited for pump connections as they can sustain the torsion stress due to longitudinal expansion from pressure increases in a better way. On a hose assembly, a Metal wire braid restrains against hose elongation under higher pressures and tries to reduce vibration. By a heavy braid, abrasion resistance is also increased. The core under pressure will be contained by optimal braid coverage and it will reduce the possibilities of squirming and twisting.

For applications like compressors, pump, and other mechanical equipment can boost the entire operation of a system, threaded metal connectors are used. They have the advantages of –

  • Increased pressure capacity
  • Longer service life
  • Greater fatigue resistance due to flex
  • Acceptance of thermal expansion
  • Greater protection of the annular hose
  • Increased temperature capacity of media

Flanged plumbing flexible joints are used for connecting pipes and equipment where flanged ends are preferred. They are recommended to compensate for vibration, thermal growth, motion, misalignment, and pressure stress and noise reduction in piping. Applicable fluids include water, seawater, steam, acids, alkaline, oils, etc.

Features –

  • Reduces stress
  • Normal mechanical equipment vibrations are reduced at the connector
  • High pipe vibration noise is greatly reduced
  • Eliminates shelf-life problems and allows operation at elevated temperatures
  • Excellent protection for adjacent piping and equipment

The design of the Tied Flanged Flexible Connectors is done to be installed over vibrating equipment for decreasing the vibration and noise transmission to the attached pipeline system. To be used when the system temperature, pressure, or flow media is unsuitable for the usage of a rubber pump plumbing flexible joints, they are used. All the stainless steel to whetted parts having loose carbon steel flanges which are swivel plated.

Suitable application areas - HVAC Systems, Air Compressors, Plumbing Systems, Pumps, Hot Air Pipelines, Chemical Factories, Industrial Factories, Marine Applications.

Plumbing Expansion Joints for piping systems are flexible and are made out of natural, PTFE or synthetic elastomers having combinations of fabric, rubber and metal reinforcements. They are mostly installed over piping systems as a solution for various problems like –

  • Stress – These joints can absorb the movement because of the thermal expansion and pipe construction, load stresses, wear and settlement of the foundation and support.
  • Abrasion – In comparison with other metallic or rubber connectors, abrasion can be reduced significantly
  • Misalignment – With offsets for accounting for the errors of installation in pipe alignments, custom expansion joints can be manufactured for movement or other settling within the passing of time
  • Vibration – The vibration can be reduced by the rubber expansion joints when they are installed in perfect locations
  • Shock – They can resist the effects of water hammer, surges of pressure or cavitation of the pump
  • Corrosion – The electrolysis among the dissimilar metals gets eliminated due to the metal-to-metal contact which eliminates the electrolysis
  • Space requirement – The requirement for space compared to expansion loops or bends are reduced greatly
Threaded Flexible Connectors

Threaded Flexible Connectors

Flanged Flexible Connectors

Flanged Flexible Connectors

Tied Flanged Flexible Connectors

Tied Flanged Flexible Connectors