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When it comes to water in the irrigation systems, one tends to think of using an automated watering system for increased yield. There comes the role of drippers which is a water-wise way of ensuring that each plant gets exactly the amount of water it requires. Drip systems employ supple tubing connected to each dripper. The drippers are placed at the root of the plants and give only the required amount of water every time when the system is started. If you have a plan to use a drip irrigation system, install the right drip irrigation system supplied by us.

Dutco Tennant LLC helps farmers & growers around the Middle East and GCC get more out of their crops with the help of drip irrigation. We are a reliable source of drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation equipment as well as control & filtration equipment. We ship around the entire Middle East and GCC region directly from manufacturers, so we are able to offer you competitive solutions.

We offer all kinds of drippers for drip irrigation and flow regulated drip emitters. Our supply of irrigation & landscaping portfolio includes sprinklers, integral drip-lines, semi-automatic cleaning screen filters, and other irrigation systems design. We have completed a number of irrigation systems and projects in many countries in the Gulf region. All kinds of an automatic drip irrigation system including drip systems are supplied by us. We work with expert designers, consultants and contractors to offer the best equipment that you can get to prepare a drip or sprinkler irrigation system. Dutco Tennant ensures that all our drippers for drip irrigation are economical to use and are best in design

Drippers Provides the Following Benefits:

  • It causes a many-fold increase in crop yield.
  • It helps in saving water compared to other irrigation methods, thus more lands can be irrigated with the same water when compared to other irrigation methods.
  • With drip irrigation crop growth is consistent, crops are healthier and they mature fast.
  • As crops grow fast they result in higher and faster returns on investment.
  • Fertilizer use efficiency of the crops increases too.
  • Due to the efficient use of fertilizers, labor use gets reduced.
  • Micro-irrigation drippers and other systems itself can provide fertilizer and chemical treatment.
  • Using this advanced irrigation equipment rough terrains, saline lands, waterlogged lands, sandy & Hilly lands can also be irrigated properly for productive cultivation.