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An important aspect in high pressure water transmission line is the presence of air in a pipeline and its impact on operations. Many problems in water transmission systems such as damaged tools and wrong instrumentation readings are blamed on insufficient thrust blocking, improper pipeline bedding, and other reasons. But in actuality, many of these problems are not caused by inappropriate setting up of the line, but by failure to relieve air from the line. Accurately de-aerating the pipeline will protect it from air-related problems, and for that you need air release valve.

Air pressure relief valve are "small orifice valves," which are fitted in a pipeline to regularly release unwanted air from water pipelines to protect against unnecessary pressure variation and maintain system efficiency.

About Our Air Release Valve:

A water piping system should always stay stable, however, if air gets into water transport systems it can have negative effects on the functioning of the pipeline such as flow reduce, pressure deviation, water hammer effects, and pumps becoming dry. If the amount of air in water pipelines falls beyond the minimum level it can lead to ill effects, like negative pressure in pipeline because of water flowing off too fast. Therefore, for maintaining optimum pressure in pipe lines, water transmission air release valve are needed.

Air valves can release trapped air from the water pipelines while they are running and transmitting water under pressure. Industrial air release valve’s ability and pressure rating depends on the orifice’s diameter in the cover. These air pressure release valves also do other functions such as stopping water hammer effect in the pipelines.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides air valve for pipeline for effective air release defense and surge mitigation for water transmission - high pressure line systems. The valves that we supply exactly match the requirements of water transmission markets in the Middle East and GCC region. We supply automatic air relief valves with the following features:

  • Valves are totally leak prevented and designed to work in long run.
  • Made up of highly corrosion resistant materials.
  • Floats made up of stainless steel.
  • Resilient seating for positive shut off.

Covered by long-term manufacturer warranty.

The various types of industrial air release valves that we provide are Single Orifice & Double Orifice Air Release Valves, Automatic Air Valves, Combination Air Valves, and Vacuum Breaker Valves. We are a renowned supplier of air valves in the entire Middle East and GCC region, and have supplied valve for a number of projects in the Dubai, Qatar, and U.A.E. You can see at various industrial exhibitions and trade fair held annually in the Dubai and other Gulf cities.

Double Orifice Air Release Valve

Double Orifice Air Release Valve