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In the high pressure water transmission dismantling joints play a very significant role. They play an important role in the fitting and removal of pipe sections and valves. You cannot insert a valve in the pipeline without dismantling joint providing longitudinal adjustment. Dismantling joints for flange adaptors can provide space where valves can be fitted next to a joint, and then the joint can be securely connected to flanges. For dismantling, the reverse sequence is done, where dismantling joint creates enough space to loosen and remove the valve. We are a top rated dismantling joint supplier in the Middle East and GCC region.

In both installation and removal, the dismantling joint ensures fast installation and removal, thus contributing to good competence and reducing site maintenance and down time. If you have to fit together different pipe sections then procedure is similar. Thus, dismantling joints increase the flexibility of the pipelines. Additionally, dismantling joints can also be used to fill gaps in the piping system. You can contact us for all kinds of dismantling joint works in Dubai.

The main parts of a water transmission dismantling joints are the main body, the sealing ring, the gland, the telescopic short pipe and other parts. It is used to bind together pumps, valves and other equipment with pipelines. It combines all the body parts into a complete one through full bolts, and provides certain displacements that are necessary to open and repair the water displacement pipelines. Therefore, dismantling joints can be attuned according to the installation conditions on site during setting up and maintenance. Dismantling joints not only improve work effectiveness, but also plays a defensive role for pumps, valves and other equipment.

The Features of Water Transmission Dismantling Joints:

  • All our water transmission dismantling joints are made up of ductile Iron components for high       durability and shock resistance.
  • These joints come with stainless steel fasteners for long life operation.
  • We have both Thrust type and Non-Thrust type joints.
  • Coated with approved high quality materials for long life corrosion protection.
  • It has fully threaded studs.
  • Fully capable of facilitating the removal of flanged valves from pipelines.
  • Can be used for removal of valves from pipelines for future maintenance or replacement.
  • We provide valves for all size ranges.
  • Suitable for all kind of operating pressure.
  • Flanged end connections.
  • Ductile iron pressure pipes and fittings as per international standards.
  • Certified for use with drinking water transmission - high pressure line.
Dismantling joint

Dismantling joint