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Circuit Breaker - Comprehensive Test Kit Transmission

HISAC Ultima – new generation Circuit Breaker Dynamic Test Set from SCOPE …. The ultimate solution for testing Circuit Breakers of all types. HIASC Ultima is the most complete analyser for checking the dynamic performance of CBs in live EHV switchyards upto 765 kV.

HISAC Ultima can carry out Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement on SIX breaks of THREE poles in one operation thereby significantly reducing stress on CB & testing downtime.

It offers flexibility to create pre-programmed Test Plans including all test settings for all types of circuit breakers available in a switchyard that can simply be recalled at the time of actual testing. This saves you from doing all settings in switchyards.

The Analysis software offers a range of utilities which enables effective Condition Monitoring of CB by comparing present test data with previous signatures and predicting future performance.


  • Tests all types of circuit breakers - LV, HV & EHV for all critical performance parameters of all the poles / breaks in a single shot.
  • Measures Main/PIR contact timings, bounce, non simultaneity of contacts and auxiliary contact timings.
  • Analyses contact travel characteristics for speed, insertion, contact gap, over-travel and rebound with suitable transducer and mounting fixture.
  • Records trip and close coil current characteristics.
  • Registers the signature of Dynamic Contact Resistance of main and arcing contacts, of all the 6 breaks simultaneously.
  • Displays settings, graphical and tabulated test results.
  • Prints test report in graphical format with test header and calculation footer, on external printer(not supplied).
  • Incorporates powerful and practical Windows™ based Test Manager Software to control & operate instrument; view, analyze and handle graphical test data on a laptop at high resolution.
  • Selects pre-programmed setup parameters and pass/fail limits through software.
  • Connects to CB with wear resistant test leads of sufficient length, having quick-fit connectors, suitable for EHV circuit breakers.
  • Moves easily within switchyard as the set can be mounted on a specially designed Trolley having large wheels & mains supply distribution board.
  • Travel – For evaluating travel characteristics of operating mechanisms, SCOPE offers rotary and linear resistive travel transducers with universal / specially designed fixtures to suit variety of CBs available.
  • DCRM module captures dynamic variation in contact resistance of main & arcing contacts during breaker operation.
  • Each DCRM module has in built independent isolated, rechargeable battery based 100A DC source.
  • The result is plotted in graphical form on the software screen, which can be further analysed for finding parameters such as contact gap, total insertion, arcing tip insertion, main and arcing contact resistance values etc.
  • Additional optional modules are available to measure PIR value and for monitoring Station DC (Coil voltage).
  • Motor current or other static parameters through configurable Analog channels.
  • Type Tested as per IEC 60068, IEC 61326 & IEC 61010-1. CE marked
  • Supplied with suitable Test Leads & aluminium transport cases for instruments.
  • Travel Transducer and fixture as per order based on make, type & rating of CB.