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Counters System Components

The family of counters is very wide and finds numerous and varying application. From the most popular and the simplest one – progress counters – to the most advanced – counters working with other devices such as encoders, sensors etc.

In our offer you can find four groups of counters
  • Electronic – this counters are designed to count impulses that represent specific physical quantities, such as the number of completed rotations, blows, strokes, travel, as well as completed data, products, activations, etc.
  • Flow – this counters with suitable flowmeters enable the measurement of the current value of flow, as well as drawing up a balance ratio.
  • Tachometers - the number of impulses in a time unit enables the display of rotational speed.
  • Timers - a separate family of counters involves time-meters, such as chronographs, clocks etc.