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Directional Tactile Indicators - also referred to as Leading Tactiles, consist of a series of raised bars installed to the walking surface, oriented in line with the prescribed direction of travel. They are installed to safely lead pedestrians along an intended pathway free of obstacles and will often terminate at a pad of Warning Tactile Indicators.

Directional Indicators are used where other tactile and environmental cues, such as the property line or kerb edge are absent or give insufficient guidance. They give directional orientation in open spaces and designate the continuous accessible route to be taken to avoid hazards. They also give directional orientation to a person who must deviate from the continuous accessible path to gain access to a crossing point, public transport access point, or point of entry to a significant public facility eg, public toilet, information centre.

Types of Tactile Indicators are as follows.
  1. Multigroove Line pattern
  2. Diamond Pattern
  3. Flat Back
  4. Luminous Insert
  5. Carborundum Insert

We have Directional Tactile Indicators meeting the requirements for Dubai Universal Design Code and also in other International Standards.

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