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Dismantling Joints for Wastewater Sewage Network Pipeline Accessories
Pipe Dismantling Joint is a double flanged composite fitting featuring a telescopic action between a flanged spigot and flange adaptor. The joint is designed to provide longitudinal adjustment in flanged pipe systems.
The Pipe Dismantling Joint provides a simple method for the installation and removal of flanged valves, pumps, flow meters, flanged pipes and sewage pipe fittings. If you want to know more about our pipeline accessories get in touch with us.
Sizes: 50 - 2000NB
Working Pressure: 10/16/25 Bar*


•Full bore.
•Complete water tightness.
•According to ISO, UNE, DIN, NF, BS and AWWA standards.
•Fully corrosion resistant construction
•Non Toxic Blue fusion bonded epoxy coating