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Distillations & Reactors Material Research

Pilot plants to process water treatment and waste treatment techniques. Adapted to carry out practical workshops in chemical engineering, environmental and water specialized school.

Topics :

  • Distillation of crude oil products
  • Discontinuous distillation
  • Batch distillation
  • Controlled continuous distillation
  • Batch & continuous distillation
  • Continuous distillation unit for explosion proof area
  • Multifunction distillation
  • Controlled continuous distillation
  • And More

Distillation of crude oil products

Educational goal :
  • Discontinuous distillation of gas oil according to ASTM D 2892‐95
  • Fractional distillation under reduced pressure
  • Measurement of parameters of the different fractions distilled
  • Definition of T.B.P. curve

Discontinuous distillation

Educational goals :
  • Laboratory technology
  • Glass spherical boiler
  • Glass perforated plate column
  • Internal reflux
  • Batch distillation
  • Materials balance
  • Monitoring of liquid-vapour equilibrium and temperatures
  • Yield, productivity
  • Influence of operating parameters
  • Reflux ratio, boiler heating capacity, quality of mixture to be distilled

Batch distillation

Educational goals

Controlled batch distillation in a vacuum and at atmospheric pressure, apply a single-fluid industrial heating process

  • Hydrodynamic study of the column
  • Determine overflooding conditions
  • Determine packing factor
  • Influence of operating parameters
  • Reflux ratio, differential pressure of column
  • Control of head temperature
  • Operate a batch process
  • Materials balances
  • Thermal balance
  • Yield, productivity