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Clevis Hangers District Cooling Products

Discover durable Clevis Hangers for reliable pipe suspension. Optimize your plumbing with our quality solutions!

Material: Carbon steel

Finish : Plain, 8" & Smaller: Zinc Plated (Hot-Dip Galvanized optional), 10" & Larger: Hot-Dip Galvanized with Zinc Plated Bolts & Nuts, or Primed, also available in Plastic or Epoxy Coated.

Service : Recommended for the suspension of stationary pipe lines.


  • Design has yoke on outside of lower U-strap so yoke cannot slide toward center of bolt, thus bending of bolt is minimized.
  • Sizes 5" and up have rod and two nuts instead of bolt and nut; thread length on clevis rod is such that the thread locks the nuts in place, and threads are not in shear plane.


1/2" through 30"

Technical Data

Maximum Temperature Plain 650° F, Galvanized and Epoxy 450° F


Hanger load nut above clevis must be tightened securely to assure proper hanger performance.