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Double Eccentric Type Butterfly Valve Sewage

Double eccentric butterfly valve, so called high performance butterfly valves, these valves are characterized by their long service time, low maintenance and reduced friction between the seal and the gasket.

Their first eccentric valve is the offset between the shaft Centre line and the disc trunnion Centre line. Second eccentric is the offset between the body center line and the disc center line. This design offers excellent controllability, bubble tight shut-off and a smooth operation, plus a reduced flow resistance.


  • The double offset disc of double eccentric butterfly valve design ensures minimal seat wear and provides excellent throttling capabilities.
  • Adjustable mechanical stopper provided on valve body ensures precise closing of the disc without over/under travel.
  • Both drive end and non-drive end shafts are fully blowout proof and guided by self-lubricated bush bearings.
  • Axial thrust bearing provided on valve ensures precise positioning of the disc and prevents unequal loading of the valve seat, it also enables installation of valve in any orientation of required.

Technical Specifications

Feature Value
Valve type Double offset disc double flanged Butterfly valve
Body type Double flanged
Seat type Fully replaceable fitted on the disc periphery
End Connection Flanged
Size range 300 NB to 3000 NB
Operating temperature range 0C to 180C (Depending on MOC)
Pressure rating PN 10/PN16/PN25/PN40/PN63
Seat leakage Tight shut off
Operation Worm gear, Pneumatic & Electric actuators