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Vent Cap Plumbing Products

Drainage waste vent caps in modern-day plumbing plays an important role in the system that allows the air to get inside the plumbing system for maintaining proper air pressure for allowing the removal of grey water and sewage from a dwelling. The waste is produced at various fixtures like sinks, toilets and showers. When the water runs down, it is needed to have proper venting for avoiding a vacuum from getting created. When the water runs down, air needs to be allowed into the waste pipe either via a roof vent or via the drainage waste vent. Plumbing vent caps help to regulate air pressure inside the plumbing system, just like the drainage pipe which removes water and waste from our home, the plumbing vent pipes can remove the odors and gas. They also allow the inlet of fresh air inside the plumbing system for helping water to flow smoothly via the drainage pipes. But water does not run via the plumbing vent. They are vertical pipes that are attached to the drainage line and run via the roof of the house. The vent stack is the pipe that leads to the main roof vent. They can channel the exhaust gas to the vent and allows for maintaining proper atmospheric pressure inside the waste system.

The residential plumbing systems are designed to remove water and waste efficiently. The vent and drainage functions are mainly two systems that work together. The drainage pipes take the waste out of the residential houses to either the sewer of the city or into a septic tank. The piping of the vent supplies fresh air to each of the plumbing fixtures present inside the house that helps the system to move water via the drainage pipe every time a toilet gets flushed or a sink gets drained. The Vent Cap can also prevent the sewer gases to get inside the home and allow the wastewater gas and the odor from escaping. The plumbing venti pipes are placed on roofs that are away from the windows and air conditioning units to help the fumes to dissipate easily.

Features –

  • Epoxy cast iron vent cap
  • Baked epoxy iron body
  • Frost-proof opening.
  • Galvanized Body (Optional)
  • Vandal Proof (Optional)