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Pit Drain with Back Water Valve Plumbing Products

A drainage pit remains the only solution in many cases of water issues on your property. It can even be the only logical place for diverting water if the land cannot be pitching for having a suitable drainage option. In many cases, water can be directed to acceptable areas on the property like the rear. But it needs to drain from a higher region over a lower region. Mostly in situations when your property is flat, land at the property borders is higher compared to the land closer to your house, the land is graded near the house or other things. Pit Drain with Back Water Valve looks like a large container where water can be led to. It is often installed underground and comes with holes so that the water can go back into the land. They work as a very large drum with holes. They need to be sized depending on the water amount which will hold and they can be even large. We are supplying epoxy coated cast iron pit drain with backwater valve with bronze seat, flapper and secured gate with no hub outlet.

Features –

  • Bronze Seat and flapper which are serviceable
  • No presence of threaded or hub outlet
  • Suitable to be installed at the junction on wall or floor
  • Epoxy coated cast iron pit type drain
  • With removable backwater valve and seat.
  • Suitable for use in elevator pits and other low-lying applications
  • Nickel Bronze or Cast-Iron Grate / Clamp