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Floor Cleanouts - Cast Iron Plumbing Products

Plumbing cleanout offers convenience for accessing the drainage pipes of a building for clearing any type of debris and clogs. Users can just take out the cap of the cleanout for supplying the required access. The plumbing codes of most of the localities need the installation of cleanouts during the plumbing rough-in while construction of any building. Floor cleanouts - cast iron offers the ability for cleaning the drain piping within a slab or flooring. The floor cleanout is actually a threaded cover that is exposed on the floor surface. Removing the cover will offer access to the pipe for cleaning and unclogging any issue present within the piping system. The cleanouts are mostly located where the engineer finds them to be suitable inside a piping system. Most of the time, these cleanouts are installed at the major changing directions of underground pipes. The top of the cleanouts can be found in lockers, bathrooms or any other locations which have the requirement of a floor drain that can allow the solid material to enter the fluid system. Our supplied range of floor cleanouts can create a convenient access point for pipe inspection and maintenance. There will no more leakage or seized cleanout plugs. The gas-tight gasketed brass plugs offer a hold for testing and can be replaced and removed with ease.

Our supplied range of Heavy-Duty Floor Cleanout comes with coated cast iron body, anchor flange, ductile iron cover and primary gasket seal.

Features –

  • The gasket sealing code complies internal brass plug
  • All the top assemblies of stainless steel come with an extended shank
  • They are suited for high commercial traffic
  • Comes with gasketed covers


  • 6IC
  • 6NH

Additional Info

  • Heavy and light duty available
  • CI and nickel bronze material available
  • Different size available
  • Cleanout tee with plug and round access cover also available