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Floor Drains - Cast Iron Plumbing Products

Floor drains - cast iron have been designed mainly for receiving and conveying run-off water or any other type of liquid from building floors to the drainage system. These drains are used mainly in all types of institutional and commercial buildings. The design of the drains is done to be used in finished floor areas along with adjustable grate and frame, a clamp ring membrane with weep holes and optional silt bracket. Our range of products comprises cast iron floor drains which can suit almost all types of applications starting from pedestrian to commercial or residential areas. The covers and grates can be found in options of hinge and screw-fastened. There lies a lot of options of outlets. The adjustable height ops accommodate several floor levels. The clamp rings can offer various waterproof membranes.

We have several options of floor drains - cast iron suitable for several outdoor or indoor applications. There you can find many models for accommodating light to heavy traffic with options and specific features for accommodating advanced building requirements. Our Cast Iron Floor Drains are here to offer a new range of bodies ranging from shallow to deep sump along with a wide range of bezel and grate designs with three types of connections which are found in nickel bronze or stainless finish. They are complemented with a wide range of cast iron assemblies which are mostly suited for asphalt or composite floors. The high class cast iron, untrapped or trapped floor outlet range features medium, shallow and deep sump with horizontal or vertical outlets along with a wide range of bezel and grate options. We supply coated cast iron floor drain with 16” heavy duty square top, 1/2” NPT trap primer (plugged) and bottom outlet.

  • High flow performance
  • High sump volume
  • Exceptional resistance to corrosion
  • Completely recyclable Cast Iron


  • 2IC, 3IC, 4IC, 6IC, 8IC
  • 2NH, 3NH, 4NH, 5NH, 6NH, 8NH
  • 2PO, 3PO, 4PO, 6PO
  • 2TH, 3TH, 4TH, 5TH, 6TH

Additional Info

  • Round and square adjustable strainers available
  • Different sizes to suit different needs
  • Nickel bronze/ SS and CI strainers
  • Light and heavy duty types available