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Roof Drains - Cast Iron Plumbing Products

Roof drains have a lot of purposes to serve mainly in places having prolonged wet and rainy seasons. It also becomes important for maintaining the drains so that they can work efficiently and keep you protected from the elements. You also would not like to start the hurricane seasons with clogged roof drains. The main purpose of the roof drains is to get the excess water which most often comes from rain away. These drains have a cast iron grate which prevents the debris from blocking the water flow down the drainage. The system is mainly designed for preventing the water from pooling on the surface of the roof and finally preventing the damage of water to the homes. The drains are mainly placed at the lowest points of the roof as these points collect the water. These drainage systems for roofs are mainly installed in the semi-flat or flat roofs as they do not need a natural run-off in exactly the same way that conventional pitch roof does. The drains can be made up of a varied range of materials like synthetic, metal or cast iron and can vary in cost and durability. Roof Drains are important to provide protection to the structure, the inhabitants and the other things lying below. It serves the purpose of keeping the home sheltered from the elements of weather like sun, wind and rain. The drainage system of the roof works as an integral part for keeping the home protected as it controls the water flow for preventing it from creating any damage.

Roof drains - cast iron is also used to decrease the accumulation of groundwater around the foundation of the house. Accumulation of water in the roof can again directly affect the structure of the household mostly if the roof should create cave-ins or leaks. Efficient roof drainage can prevent long and short-term damage to the roof making the roof a cost-effective and low-maintenance investment.

We supply 8” diameter roof drains, coated cast iron body with combination membrane flashing clamp/gravel guard and aluminum dome. They are available in various pipe sizes and types of outlets.


  • 2IC, 3IC, 4IC
  • 2NH, 3NH, 4NH
  • 2PO, 3PO, 4PO
  • 2TH, 3TH, 4TH

Additional Info

  • Roof drain, RD with side outlet, scupper drain, downspout nozzle also available
  • All the products available in different size and materials