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Fabric Expansion Joints Water and Electricity Production


  • Cylindrical, single or multi-arch elastomer or multilayer expansion joint with sleeve for clamp bar fixing
  • Optional expansion joint with installation seam
  • Optional external pressure support rings in the arch trough
  • Optional vacuum support rings


Power plants, waste incineration plants, gas turbines, cement factories, paper industry, steel industry e. g. in exhaust pipes, in ventilators, in air ducts, in ash lines, in filter systems.


Installation Method
  • Clamp bar fixing on duct angles
  • For round and rectangular duct cross sections
Installation length
  • = Installation gap + 2x fixing width
  • Individually according to customer specifications
Fixing Width
  • Depends on pressure and nominal diameter between 60 and 100 mm
Media Temperature
  • Depending on the height of the duct angle and duct lining, suitable for up to 1200 °C
  • Up to ±0.25 bar
  • Higher pressures on request

For axial, lateral and angular movements

Benchmarks :

  • axial compression = approx. 0.25 x installation gap
  • axial extension = approx. 0.25 x installation gap
  • lateral displacement = approx. 0.20 x installation gap

In the event of axial extension and simultaneous lateral displacement, movements are reduced. For large lateral movements, we recommend presetting the duct against the direction of movement.