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G9 Gas and Bushing PD, HEE & TFC - TOTUS (HV & MV) Transmission

Transformer monitoring - the challenge for asset managers When it comes to big-ticket items, power transformers are at the top of the list - and when the transformers fail prematurely, it’s all the more painful. Damages can far exceed the cost of a replacement. Key challenges for asset managers include;

  • Managing multiple transformer assets
  • Gathering relevant health data to make informed decisions
  • Cutting through the noise to see critical data
  • Trusting the data from transformer monitoring
  • Building a transformer strategy that is sustainable

Over 80% of transformer failures can be attributed to three key areas Windings, Bushings and OLTC. The TOTUS transformer monitoring solution, monitors all key components on the transformer, giving a full picture of transformer health. Click below to see our full monitoring capabilities.

TOTUS is the worlds FIRST and only TOTAL TRANSFORMER MONITOR with market leading specifications. TOTUS is the ONLY system to combine DGA, Partial Discharge (PD), Bushing Monitoring (BM), Through Fault Currents (TFC) and Transformer Analytics into a single system.