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Gas Meter Test Bench Gas Distribution


  • Test bench with sonic nozzles for gas meters size G1.6 to G25
  • Medium & temperature: Atmospheric air, temperature should be held between 20-25°C Flow rate range: In accordance with the table of sonic nozzles
  • Inputs from meters: Supply voltage for sensors 5VDC and 12VDC
  • Bench valves: Remotely operated
  • Temperature device: temperature sensor Pt 100 OIML cl. upstream and downstream, readability ± 0,1°K
  • Pressure device: electronic pressure gauges with remote reading
  • Barometric pressure transmitter, 800-1300 mbar, accuracy 0,2% FSO
  • DPS 0 to 600 Pa, accuracy ±1% FSO – for each meter
  • DPS 0 to 2 kPa, ± 0,07% FSO – for each line
  • 0 to -1 bar, accuracy 2% - under-pressure for sonic nozzles
  • Humidity device: Humidity transmitter 0 - 95%, accuracy 2%
  • A complete test bench consists of: Clamping stand; Measuring block designed for a complete of three sonic nozzles Vacuum source, control system with electronics a control PC.
  • Set of pressure transmitters for measuring the under-pressure at the diffuser of sonic nozzles, measuring range 0 -1 bar, accuracy 2%
  • Vacuum pumps in accordance with required flow rate - a rotary vacuum pump + vacuum ejectors.
  • Optoelectronic sensors for picking up of pulses from the mechanical meter counters
  • Flying start stop and stand start stop methods of testing possible.
  • Different flows can be adjusted as per the requirement for each size of meter.
  • Remote assistance from manufacturer.

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